TLG Ep. 5 G Moubeche


The Training-Led Growth Podcast

The Importance of Creating Authentic Value in Sales


About the episode

Joe and Guillaume spoke about the absolute value of relationships and authentic interaction.

Now more than ever it's important to interact with prospects and users in the most human way possible. It's about getting rid of the dry impersonal interactions. Guillaume has built both Lemlist and Lempod with the mission of making sales, training, and digital communication in general a bit more fun and a bit more interactive.


About the Guest

Guillaume Moubeche, founder and CEO Lemlist & Lempod

Just two years ago, Guillaume launched Lemlist – the coolest sales automation platform out there – to help sales professionals close more deals and have fun while they're working. Today the service has more than 10,000 users and customers all over the world – though predominantly (80%) based in the US. 

Lempod, with some 2,000 users globally, is a Chrome extension that helps people get more visibility on LinkedIn – using the power of their networks.


About Raven360 - Training-Led Growth

There are products like yours that solve really tough problems and you may have got users searching for solutions to these problems but, when users don't know how to use your product to its fullest extent and get the maximum value out of it, they churn. At Raven360, we believe in creating product experts and that's the reason why we are providing product training for the users.