TLG Ep. 7 Chris Herd


The Training-Led Growth Podcast

Is Remote Work the Future?


About the episode

Chris Herd is the founder and CEO at Firstbase where he champions the high impact value of remote work for businesses.

Firstbase helps companies set up their remote work force by providing not only a system for on-boarding employees, but also the right materials and tools that employee will need to work from home.


About the Guest

Chris Herd is the Founder & CEO at Firstbase

Before Firstbase I was talking to VC firms, large US Startups, considering an MBA in the States and unicorn founders in the UK about joining them. I sat on the board of a social enterprise managing £80m of housing stock for 3,000+ tennants.

I’ve managed multi-million £ construction projects and office furniture renovations in some of the most challenging environments on earth, negotiating complex supply chain agreements that got bespoke product, furniture and office materials from China to the Ghanian oil Fields. I led teams of 20+ workers remotely.

I bootstrapped Firstbase while continuing to play as a semi-pro footballer.


About Raven360 - Training-Led Growth

There are products like yours that solve really tough problems and you may have got users searching for solutions to these problems but, when users don't know how to use your product to its fullest extent and get the maximum value out of it, they churn. At Raven360, we believe in creating product experts and that's the reason why we are providing product training for the users.