TLG Ep. 18 Sarah Sedgman


The Training-Led Growth Podcast

How Corporate Training is Taking the DIY Approach


About the episode

Sarah Sedgman, CEO of LearnExperts, shares her years of expertise in this episode of the Training-Led Growth.

As an entrepreneur and expert in training, she is now facing a challenge many are going through: adapting to a world where remote training and teamwork is the only option. She talks with our CEO Joe about how e-learning is growing but also adapting to the needs of the market and the budgets with a DIY approach.


About the Guest

Sarah Sedgman - CEO of LearnExperts

Sarah has over 20 years of experience fueling million-dollar growth, international business expansion, and technology innovation. She recently won an industry education innovation award for building a first of a kind Knowledge & Learning Network that combines digital learning, access to experts, and use of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Sarah has vision and a proven track record in achieving exceptional results while scaling and growing companies using innovative technology and new processes.

A true thought leader on knowledge, learning and adoption programs, Sarah has owned some of the largest and most profitable global education businesses in the industry, and has sat on several education services executive boards across North America.

​Sarah is also the current advisor for Learning & Adoption for Invest Ottawa’s Scale-up Program which is designed to rapidly and systematically accelerate the development and commercial success of high growth technology firms.


About Raven360 - Training-Led Growth

There are products like yours that solve really tough problems and you may have got users searching for solutions to these problems but, when users don't know how to use your product to its fullest extent and get the maximum value out of it, they churn. At Raven360, we believe in creating product experts and that's the reason why we are providing product training for the users.