TLG Ep. 19 David Grant


The Training-Led Growth Podcast

Fun and Engaging Remote Sales Training


About the episode

David Grant, CMO at Nasuni, brings his years of experience in sales and training to the table. After successfully launching several start ups over the years, Grant shares tips and tricks about how to keep sales training exciting and fun even when working remotely.


About the Guest

David Grant is responsible for overseeing the marketing strategy.

Dave is a veteran marketer with 20 years of experience in senior leadership roles at software companies – from startups to multibillion-dollar operations. He joined Nasuni from Veeam Software, where he was the senior vice president of global marketing. Prior to Veeam, he served as the vice president, marketing at VMware. Dave also served as the CMO at two startups. Desktone, acquired by VMware, and Watchfire, acquired by IBM.

Dave has a master’s in finance from Dalhousie University and a bachelor’s in marketing from Saint Mary’s University.


About Raven360 - Training-Led Growth

There are products like yours that solve really tough problems and you may have got users searching for solutions to these problems but, when users don't know how to use your product to its fullest extent and get the maximum value out of it, they churn. At Raven360, we believe in creating product experts and that's the reason why we are providing product training for the users.