TLG Ep. 6 Andy Vidler


The Training-Led Growth Podcast

Distance Learning vs. In-person Learning: Which is Better?


About the episode

Joe sits down with Chief Learning Officer at SureSkills, Andy Vidler! Andy explains his unique take on learning experiences and the shift from in person learning to distance learning. Specifically Andy speaks to the increasing value of contextualized and blended learning that allows workers to learn in the flow of work vs. the 5 day hiatus for an in-person training seminar of old.


About the Guest

Andy Vidler - Chief Learning Officer (CLO). Andy has been instrumental in strategically positioning SureSkills with clients as a global learning services partner. Working with CXOs and heads of business of the world-leading, dynamic organizations, Andy is a highly motivated and successful Manager, with a proven record in driving organizational transformation.


About Raven360 - Training-Led Growth

There are products like yours that solve really tough problems and you may have got users searching for solutions to these problems but, when users don't know how to use your product to its fullest extent and get the maximum value out of it, they churn. At Raven360, we believe in creating product experts and that's the reason why we are providing product training for the users.