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Building Empathy in e-Learning


Training-Led Growth

Joe Moriarty, CEO at Raven360, meets with experts in training, L&D, Sales, SaaS companies and more to discuss the latest news in corporate training. Learning is more than just skill development. It's about growing your company by training your team AND your clients to optimize your profits! That's what we call the Training-Led Growth.

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Technology Organizations That Train Using Raven360


"Motivate and engage our sales people — Raven360 Awards feature will help us motivate and engage our sales people and recognize them for their accomplishments, including learning new products, meeting specific goals, and understanding and using our sales content."

Nancy Forsyth, VP Sales Training and Development, Pearson North America
Confluent Circle Logo

"One of the things that I love about Raven360 is I can put any kind of content I want out there, and then create some sort of a learning path for users. First we needed a delivery mechanism for our customers that are revenue generating. But right now it's becoming really hot and important for our employees. Each discipline in the organization, whether they’re support engineers or field engineers or consultants, will have their own unique learning paths for that job role."

Chris Skinner - Senior Director, Global Training & Certification at Confluent
Reynolds Lake Oconee Lgoo

"Raven360 blew my mind! I was hoping to find something like this, but was only looking in a traditional LMS. Their service team is friendly, prompt, and highly qualified to train on their software."

Frank Brennan, Director of Learning & Development - Reynolds Lake Oconee

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