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Tell me how Pearson did it.

Sales reps are overwhelmed by content and tools.
They are on the go, with limited time.

With over $6 billion in annual sales, Pearson is the largest learning technology company in the world, with expertise in educational courseware and assessment, and a range of teaching and learning services powered by technology.

 But the company’s 650 North American Higher Ed sales people could onboard reps faster, introduce more services to more customers, and close more deals if they had easier access to sales tools and training.


Learn how, in just 3 months, Pearson was already envisioning efficiency and training gains.

  • Sales reps have easier access to more content and knowledge in the sales cycle while on the go.

  • Learning paths are an effective solution for training new reps and limiting time out of the field for veterans.

  • Newer reps get to practice their short pitches multiple times before going on the field.

Overcome Your Toughest Training Challenges

Raven360 is an enterprise-grade, scalable platform that helps fast-growing companies with high-complexity products painlessly train employees, customers, and partners.

About Raven360

Raven360 is an enterprise-level sales enablement and training platform. It helps grow sales and increase customer retention through effective training for internal teams, customers and authorized partners.

Sales executives use Raven360 platform to onboard reps quickly, assess their skills and coaching them into closing more deals. High-tech companies use Raven360 to train customers, partners and employees and turn them into long-term champions of your product. The platform is transparent, secure, always-on, and makes knowledge accessible from anywhere across the globe.