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Flexible Training Methods

Set up Instructor-led Training, Virtual Instructor-led Training, and On-demand Learning Environments

Self-paced Labs

Create sandbox instances of your software that users can test, tweak and explore, without breaking

Your Content, Accessible 24/7

Let your customers use and engage with your product at their pace, anytime and anywhere

Generate Extra Revenue

Sell subscription-based trainings through a simple e-commerce platform

Technology Organizations That Train Using Raven360

Access To Knowledge And On-demand Training On a Single Platform

Distribute knowledge to your employees, customers and partners, using Raven360. Trainees can register, pay for and access your content on a platform that you can customize to match your brand and site.

Employee Training

Onboard employees faster and keep them coming back for continuous learning

Customer Training

Increase retention by showing new customers how to achieve their goals with your product

Authorized Partner Training

Train and certify business partners with secure access to product documentation and resources



Supports Any Kind Of Content You Already Have

Upload content of any format. Raven360 supports PDF, video files, Google docs, HTML packages, SCORM packages and more. You can author your own material from within the platform or bring in outside content.

Easily Upload Existing Resources. See a demo

Go From All Over The Place To All In One Place

Integrate with Dropbox, Drive, or Box to access everything you already have from one single dashboard, at the right time. Curate the best online resources —owned or not— and make them available to your teams.

Never Wonder Where’s That File Again. See a demo

Migrate Without Migraines

Our Customer Success team can help you migrate seamlessly from any content library or set up you are using today. Don’t do any of the heavy lifting.

Go Live Without Effort. See a demo


Instructor-led Training Or On-Demand Subscriptions

Deliver your content via face-to-face Instructor-Led training, Virtual Instructor-led training and a purely digital, on-demand platform. Raven360 adapts to your content and the way your customers prefer to learn.


Free Or Paid Training —Your Choice

Raven360 lets you charge for your content through an e-commerce platform that you can set up without any coding. Monetize ILT, VILT, Hands-on Labs and On-demand subscriptions. Trainees log in, use their credit card to pay and get immediate access to your material.


You Decide How Users Access Content

Go from open classrooms where users can access all the material at once to pre-defined learning paths where you dictate how the content is consumed. Manage how you feed your content to increase knowledge retention.


Live Training Or On-demand

Use Raven360 to support up to four training modalities: on-premise live training, virtual live training, a mix of on-premise and virtual classes and a fully self-paced, asynchronous class with delimited access.


Safely Replicate High-tech Environments

Technical trainees access a virtual machine instance of your software on their browsers —no downloads, no installs. They get hands-on experience using your tech, without compromising real data or breaking stuff. They can save their work or start clean every time they log in.


Always Keep Your Content Up To Date

Upload your training material once and map it to any course, channel or learning path you need to. Users will always have access to the latest version and you won’t have to update your docs on multiple platforms.


Bring Your Content Anywhere

Grab a piece of content inside Raven360 and embed it anywhere online. It works for public and private content in your Raven360 platform. Connect your assets with other sites you are already using.


Access Anywhere, On Any Device

Allow users to access training on the go and at their own pace. Raven360 works on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux. Users can even access content while offline.

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runs-smoothly-on -any-device

Easily Share Content Updates With Users

Send automated notifications to all users when new content is added to a Learning Path or channel. Alert users that content has changed via the learning platform or email.


Keep Sensitive Information Secure

Assign individual and group level access to your content. Prevent confidential information from leaving the platform or landing on the wrong hands, with industry-leading security.




Unlock Private Training For Authorized Partners

Generate private content for authorized partners and VIP classrooms. Grant access to locked trainings with unique license keys.

Create Private And VIP Trainings. See a demo

Take Control Of How Users Learn

Packages put users in a controlled environment where they access only the content needed for their role. Don’t rely on them to find the right training on their own. Packages are built for each specific person.

Package Learning For Specific Roles. See a demo

Keep Users Coming Back For More Learning

Add gamification to the learning experience. Users see how they are doing against others. As they learn, they win points, badges, trophies and level up their profile to master the leaderboard. Keep users active in the platform and excited about new content releases.

Increase Engagement With Gamification. See a demo


Ensure Your Key Content Is Learnt

Certify partners on a global scale, at their own time. Define trainings that need to be 100% completed for a user to move forward and get certified.


Identify Your Top Learners

Users can take rapid quizzes for quick knowledge checks. Managers can review employees and give constructive feedback through written and video assessments.



Guarantee The Right People Master The Right Content

See who’s learning what and assess how much they know about any subject. Identify bottlenecks in your training and see why people are getting stuck. Certify customers and partners once they’ve gone through your mandatory content.


Get Feedback And Improve Your Content

Users can easily rate your content, Learning Paths and courses. They can leave comments for you on the platform, so you can continuously improve your training.



$5.03 Billion






Customer Training
Content Marketplace
Content Monetization
Learning Paths
“With Content Raven we found an elearning content marketplace that was more powerful than we thought we needed. We also found a great partnership. Content Raven makes a whole team available to us. They help us in the background to ensure that the system works seamlessly. They also help us to identify the best content and the best way to deliver that content to users.”
Adam Rabidoux
Manager of Juniper Networks Certification Program

Juniper Certifies More Vendors And Monetizes Their Training

Juniper’s leadership set a goal to increase certifications in the market. The platform they were running on was limited and difficult to navigate. They needed a content marketplace that would:

  • Centralize diverse content in a single place
  • Enable access to all types of content, across devices
  • Make a growing library of assets easy to search

Juniper now receives very few support requests. Users are able to navigate the content on theirown, find what they need and complete their certification with little to no help from the Juniper team. With Raven360’s eCommerce Engine, users are able to advance from free content to a premium monthly subscription model, without ever leaving the platform.

Raven360 Works With The Tools You Know And Love

You don’t need to change your workflow or tool stack to start using Raven360 today

Contact us about custom integrations through our Rest API.

Put All Your Training In One Place

Our Customer Success team will help you migrate and organize your current content library, to match your company’s training needs. Start training customers, partners and vendors without doing any of the manual work.

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