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How to Get Customers to Succeed with Your Product, Without Doing More 1-on-1 Demos and Support Calls

Raven360 helps high-tech companies improve product stickiness with hands-on learning made simple for you and your customers

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Why Customers Love Us

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"Exactly what we were looking for. We needed a secure way to share files with our clients and Raven360 provided us exactly what we were looking for. Great services and quality support team.”

Jarrad Michna, Director, Global Customer Support Services - Trimble

Overcome Your Toughest Customer Education Challenges

Onboard Faster. Delight Users. Retain Customers.


  • Cut Down On Support Costs
    Reduce support tickets and one-on-one calls. Generate new content that addresses your most common support issues, and make it immediately accessible for your users.
  • Give Them Hands-on Training
    Allow customers and partners to learn by doing, using a virtual machine instance of your software. Perfect for high-tech.
  • Onboard Customers Faster
    Adapt your onboarding for each customer segment. Meet each customer where they are at and show them how to quickly succeed with your product.
  • Lower Training Costs
    Replace expensive on-site training costs with scalable content that you create once and customers will read, listen to and watch anywhere.
  • Identify Weak Spots In Your Onboarding
    Raven360 will help you see the gaps in your training. Creating new content to train your customers is easy when you know what’s missing.

  • Create Personalized Onboarding Journeys For Each Customer
    Allow customers to consume content in their own way. No more wasting hours going through training that’s not relevant to them—and that they won’t engage with.
  • Effectively Monitor Customer Engagement
    Assess which users are effectively learning how to use your product and which aren’t. Use video, quizzes, and certifications to keep training and assessment interactive.
  • See Who’s Stuck And Why
    Get a clear view of everyone’s onboarding progress. Identify areas that need to be fixed and content that most customers struggle with.
Hands-on Labs

Safely Replicate High-tech Environments

Technical trainees access a virtual machine instance of your software on their browsers—no downloads, no installs. They get hands-on experience using your tech, without compromising real data or breaking stuff. They can save their work or start clean every time they log in.

Try Hands-on Labs For High-tech.

Paid and On Demand

Drive Extra Revenue From Your Training

Raven360 lets you charge for your content through an e-commerce platform that you can set up without any coding. Monetize ILT, VILT, Hands-on Labs and On-demand subscriptions. Trainees log in, use their credit card to pay and get immediate access to your material.

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Why Customers Love Us

Trimble Circle Logo

"Raven360 allows us to control what we share with our clients. Depending on what we are sharing, we can control how the client can access the content which is exactly what we need. We love that we can control what can be downloaded, printed, or shared. We now longer have to worry about, what we share with our customers, being abused or misused.”

Dustin Roden, Support Supervisor - Trimble