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Building a Learning Academy for Training-led Growth

3 Classes
1h 51min
Building a Learning Academy for Training-led Growth

Learn more about the training-led growth concept and how to easily deliver it through out platform.

  • Introduction to the platform: workflows and user journeys
  • The Raven approach to creating experts
  • 5 steps to launching your learning experience

Hosting Instructors-led Events & Classes

2 Classes
26 min
Hosting Instructors-led Events & Classes

Learn how to set up and manage virtual sessions and classes through various meeting host platforms.

  • Configuring VILT: Organizations with a Single Instructor and Zoom User Account
  • Configuring VILT: Organizations with Multiple Instructors and Meeting Platform IDs

Designing a Public Training Catalog with eCommerce

8 Classes
44 min
Designing a Public Training Catalog with eCommerce

Learn how to use Raven360 to configure training offerings, and how a learner completes a purchase transaction.

  • Creating Instructors and Training Content Bundles
  • Free vs. Paid Content 
  • Organizing your Training Offerings
  • Customizing the Purchase Experience
  • Instructor Class Schedules
  • Attending and Facilitating VILT
  • Managing Class Cancellations

Assessments for Skills Evaluation & Professional Development

1 Class
22 min
Assessments for Skills Evaluation & Professional Development

Learn the various ways that you can use video-based, document-driven, and written Assessments to evaluate skills and foster a coaching & professional development culture.

  • Video-based Assessments for New Sales Messaging

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Raven360 gets users to stick around and drive revenue

Increase adoption, retention, and revenue by turning your users into product experts with a digital academy.

Give users contextually relevant training and community generated content, in-app, when users most need it.

Understand training behaviors that directly drive product adoption, and retention so you can guide users to get the expertise on features that drive stickiness and revenue, at scale.

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"The flexibility of Raven360 allows us to host a plethora of different content types in the platform, easily adjust the training to client specifications, and to customize the CSS to our branding. - Everyone does not learn the same way, so having many different learning elements/functionality on the platform allows us to deliver our on-demand sales training more effectively."

Tyler Vance- Director of Client Engagement at Funnel Clarity

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