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"We've identified partners who have demonstrated the ability to train and deliver, so they deliver Confluent authorized training on our behalf. And that's an extension of our business as well. It also allows us to penetrate markets that we don't have a global presence in or where language skills are a problem."
Chris Skinner, Senior Director, Global Training & Certification at Confluent

Growing Your Partner Network Without Growing Pains


Reach new, emerging markets

Do business globally, no matter where your offices are or what languages your team speaks.


Scale—without the hiring risks

Sign up authorized partners to deliver training for you. Raven360 helps you train your trainers.


Automate partner’s billing and payment

Users pay for classes and partners deliver training. You just get the money in your bank account every month.


Make your partners’ lives easier—and yours too

Partners set their own dates, times and seat count in your platform, under your branding. It’s 100% self-served.

Successful Companies that Train Partners with Raven360

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Run Your Global Partner Program from a Single Place

Certify Partners All Over the World

Partners can access training and learn at their own-pace, from anywhere in the world.

Training Revenue

Add Partners to your e-commerce platform. Easily charge for access to the training they are delivering.

Control and Automate Payments

Track every dollar spent in your training platform without having to chase down payments.

Allow Content on Any Format

PDF, video files, Google docs, HTML packages, SCORM packages, and more. Adapt to any partner’s requests.

Hands-on Labs

Allow partners to learn by doing, using a virtual machine instance of your software. Perfect for high-tech.

Fully Mobile—Any Browser or Device

Raven360 works on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Global Training Distribution

Partner and train anywhere. Raven360 is fully localized and available in China for admins and end users.

Keep Sensitive Information Secure

Assign access level for all participants. Prevent key assets from leaving the platform.

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Pay only for active users and maximize your ROI

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Drive New Partners Towards Their First Sale


Train Partners into Experts

Partners need a lot of handholding and technical knowledge on your product’s features. Make sure they get all the content they need to become experts.

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Keep Partners Engaged with Your Brand

Keep Partners Engaged with Your Brand

Allow partners to continue learning about your product. Keep them motivated and happier so they don’t leave your program.

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Certify the Right Partners

Get your most committed partners through an automated certification program. Turn business associates into loyal advocates.

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Grow Your Partner Program

Managing tons of partners spread over multiple time zones can be challenging. Move to a self-serve and on-demand training model.

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Create a High-Margin Revenue Stream

Paid training and certifications can turn into a highly profitable revenue channel. Margins increase as you scale using Raven360’s automation tools.

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Why Customers Love Us

Raven360 removed a lot of the manual labor
"Our projected numbers from last year to this year were 3x. And I knew that manual labor was not going to scale 3x without having 4x the team size. And that was just going to absolutely erode my margins. Raven360 is helping us with automation in a lot of ways. And because we can automate, we can scale much bigger.”
Chris Skinner, Senior Director, Global Training & Certification, Confluent

Go Beyond and Above Partner Training

Need more from your training program? Train customers, partners and employees in a single platform with multiple branded sites, for a truly personalized training experience.

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