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Fast-Growing Companies Know This

Providing Customer Training at Scale is a Nightmare


A spreadsheet and an open source LMS won’t cut it anymore:

  • Users want 24/7 access but your company can’t make it happen
  • You manage a bunch of platforms that don’t work together
  • Your system can’t handle multiple courses and prices
  • It’s hard to keep up with a growing demand for training
  • There’s no way of tracking users’ progress and upsell them​​​​​​​

When training falls short, users get frustrated. If they can’t understand how your product helps them, they’ll go to your competitor.

Raven360 Makes Customer Training Hassle-Free

E-Commerce billing for training

E-Commerce billing for training

Your users can find your training online and pay to access it. Raven360 invoices them and handles revenue collection for you.

Training that matches your users

Training that matches your users

Offer live or on-demand content based on location, pricing and past training. Deliver unique training paths to users or business partners.

A mobile, on-demand experience

A mobile, on-demand experience

People can log in to your training 24/7. Customers choose, pay for, and go through your content  at their own pace, on any device.

One Platform, Multiple Branded Sites

One Platform, Multiple Branded Sites

Manage multiple domains and learning dashboards. Personalize the branding to match each group of users that require training.

Successful Companies that Train Users with Raven360


Champion Learning-led Growth™ at Your Company

The customer training platform that brings technology and users together. Raven360 gives you the tools to put training at the forefront of your company, empower your customers and unlock growth.
Joe Moriarty - CEO at Raven360

"We know for a fact that if you get a user to spend $1 in training, they will go on to spend $10 in additional product sales."

Joe Moriarty - CEO at Raven360

Charge for Training, Distribute It for Free or Do a Mix of Both


With Raven360

Paid Training & Certifications

It has a direct impact on your revenue, by charging users and business partners for highly valuable training and certifications.

Free Training & Certifications

Ungated access to your content is a powerful lead generation strategy and a way to position yourself and your company as an authority.

Create Customers for Life with Certifications

Your most loyal users are the ones that invest their time and money getting certified. Customers and business partners turned into brand evangelists that keep buying from you and telling their friends and colleagues about your product.

Companies that Train Users for Certification with Raven360

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Deliver Customer Training Any Way You Want to.

Instructor-led Training

Get someone to train your users in a live environment.

Face to Face Classes

Offer group training anywhere in the world—collect payments online.

Virtual Instructor-led Training

Train customers using a virtual classroom or conference app.

On-Demand Training

Users can log in at any time and go through training—it’s all automated.

Hands-On Labs

Create a virtual “lab” for your software where users can test without risks.

Fully Mobile—Any Browser or Device

Raven360 works on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

As Easy as E-Commerce

Users pay for training and funds get transferred to your bank account.

Video Training & Coaching

Use video coaching and peer reviews for life-like lessons and assessments.

Gamify Training

Encourage continuous learning and upsells with leaderboards and badges.

Build a Revenue Stream with Happy and Loyal Customers


Educate and Retain Customers

Customers that go through training show higher chances of becoming paying customers. Product experts tend to stay longer and become brand advocates.


Drastically Reduce Churn

Tech companies that don’t train their users suffer from high churn rate. Users that don’t understand how to use your product will go away—most likely to your competitor.


Create a High-Margin Revenue Stream

Paid training and certifications can turn into a highly profitable revenue channel. Margins will increase as you scale your training program, using Raven360’s automation tools.


Turn Users into Product Evangelists

Users and business partners that aim for certifications become product advocates that keep bringing you new business. Train them with secure access to product documentation and resources.

Why Customers Love Us


“The flexibility of the platform allows us to host a plethora of different content types in the platform, easily adjust the training to client specifications, and to customize the CSS to our branding.

Tyler Vance, Director of Client Engagement, Funnel Clarity
Excellent (Based on 12 G2 reviews)

Your Entire Training Program—One Customer Training Platform

Raven360 automates every step of your customer training program. From content building, to delivery, to billing and collections. Less time fuzzing with tools, more time to focus on creating outstanding training.