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Show me how Confluent did it

Confluent—a tech unicorn founded in 2014—offers a very complex product aimed at engineers. In 2017, they started to experience explosive growth. Their sales and training applications grew so fast that they couldn’t meet demand.

Discover how Raven360 helped Confluent fix their broken training platform to unlock their growth

Download the case study and learn how to:

  • Create a predictable revenue stream from training

  • Deliver personalized training for customers, partners and employees, at scale

  • Manage all your training content from one single dashboard

  • Automate the entire training process, from content through billing

“Our projected numbers from last year to this year were 3x. And I knew that manual labor was not going to scale 3x without having 4x the team size. And that was just going to absolutely erode my margins. Raven360 has taken a lot of the manual labor out of what I had to do before. They've taken a lot of that off our plate and they're helping us with automation in a lot of ways. And because we can automate, we can scale much bigger.”
Chris Skinner, Senior Director, Global Training & Certification, Confluent
Raven360 — The evolution of the traditional LMS

Trusted by Organizations that Grow with Training

Raven360 is an enterprise-grade, scalable platform that helps fast-growing companies with high-complexity products painlessly train employees, customers, and partners.


About Raven360

Raven360 is a Corporate LMS platform. It helps grow sales and increase customer retention through effective training for internal teams, customers and authorized partners.

Sales Readiness
Develop top sales performers with the right onboarding, training and coaching.
Employee Training
Keep your staff coming back for more learning. Make them stay with you for the long-term.
User Training
Show customers how to achieve their goals with your product and they’ll become repeat buyers—ideal for high-tech.
Partner Training
Train and certify partners at their own pace. Build a successful partner program.

Raven360 is transparent, secure, always-on, and makes knowledge accessible from anywhere across the globe.