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Raven360, the leader in global content engagement, today announced that customers are reporting positive results with its Raven360 app in the Salesforce AppExchange.

DemandDrive, based in Waltham, MA, is a lead generation firm using the Raven360 app. “Raven360 helps us prioritize leads and target them with the most appropriate offers because we have in-depth insight into their content engagement, including what they viewed, when they viewed it, and if they shared it with anyone else. In just a short time we’ve doubled our quality connect rate and have seen close to an 80% increase in qualified leads,” said Dan Paul, co-founder and managing director at DemandDrive.

Raven360 app allows sales and marketing teams to prioritize leads based on observed engagement, and better target those contacts based on interests. Data and reports on prospect behaviors are delivered back to Salesforce, in real-time. With Raven360, sales teams can:

  • Understand customer engagement with proposals and marketing content for lead management and lead nurturing decisions
  • Deliver proposals on a secure platform that keeps them out of competitors’ hands
  • Eliminate the “never got your email” excuses from prospects
  • Move highly engaged customers to the top of the call-back list for better pipeline management

“One of the hardest parts of sales prospecting and lead nurturing is identifying the most actively engaged contacts. Prospects that engage with content – open it, study it, and share it – are the most likely to sign up,” said Vasu Ram, CTO of Raven360. “With Raven360 integration into Salesforce, sales teams are able to better manage their pipeline by prioritizing efforts based on knowing who is interested.”