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MARLBOROUGH, MA, June 24, 2014 – Raven 360, a leading cloud-based file distribution toolkit that adds content control, security and deep analytics to files, today announced it has added seamless integration with Box, a leading cloud storage, and file sharing service. Box customers can now easily and instantly add protection, control and analytical tracking of all common file types, including images, videos, PDFs, and more shared through the Box platform. Raven 360 is available for download on Box’s partner app store and becomes the only secure distribution platform to enable Box customers to protect, control and track all common file types.

“As Online File Sharing (OFS) vendors look to combat commoditization, companies such as Box need to strengthen their offerings with enhanced security layers,” said Garrett Bekker, senior analyst, information security at 451 Research. “Security services providers such as Raven 360, who offer file access control, deep analytics and offer the simplicity of use, are positioned to help Box monetize its footprint further by ensuring that stored content is not leaked or compromised.”

Raven 360 is now available in Box’s partners’ app store page for seamless integration between the platforms. A free trial of Raven 360 is available to all Box users. To secure files via Raven 360, Box users simply select “Protect and Track with Raven 360” within the sharing actions for each file and they are able to add personal watermarking, limit how many times each person can view/print the document, restrict the kind of devices allowed to access the file, track the most engaging parts of a document, and more.

“Box offers a valuable and excellent service for enterprise users and we are excited to add this important functionality to it,” said Ron Matros, CEO at Raven 360. “A seamless integration between the platforms encourages enterprises to protect sensitive corporate information and makes for a more efficient workflow.”

Raven 360’s unique cloud-based file distribution toolkit adds content control, security and deep analytics to files – video, images, documents, PDFs and more – sent via file sharing services or directly from its web-based platform. Users can leverage Raven 360 to send sensitive information to internal or external recipients, including IP documents, financial data, payroll documents, funding materials and pitch decks, training videos and more. Businesses of any size where intellectual property protection is crucial can take advantage of the cloud-based service.