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Raven360, the leader in global content distribution, today announced the availability of the Raven360 App in Salesforce AppExchange.

“Sales and Marketing organizations have focused on email opens and click-through rates because they have not had a better way to measure prospect engagement,” said Vasu Ram, CTO of Raven360. “Email metrics are not entirely irrelevant, but it is the content and substance a company provides that will ultimately turn a lead into an account. With Raven 360 marketers and inside sales teams are able to evaluate the effectiveness of their content and know in real-time when a prospect is viewing a contract, video, or piece of sales collateral. Those are the metrics that really matter to revenue With Raven360’s app, Salesforce.com users gain keen insight into how prospects receive and engage with content. The lightweight, transparent app allows sales and marketing teams to track and report on important metrics such as:

  • When a prospect or customer opens a file, video or contract;
  • How long they spent reading or viewing the content down to the page and segment level;
  • How many times the prospect or customer opens the content;
  • If the prospect or customer downloaded or printed the file;
  • If they shared the content with anyone else. This level of insight helps sales and marketing organizations elevate their campaigns, and close deals faster. The app provides the following benefits:
  • Real-time Response – Sales executives receive Raven360’s real-time alerts when a prospect or customer is viewing their material – whether marketing content, presentation or contract – so they know exactly when to call their contact for follow up.
  • Statistics that Matter – Raven360’s app allows marketers to evaluate how and when a prospect interacts with the documents or videos. Marketers use the data to improve campaigns by revising underperforming content and hyper-targeting messaging based on how a specific prospect interacts with each piece of content.
  • Deeper Insight into Prospects – Raven360 statistics allow marketers to build out more detailed profiles of customers within Salesforce. The in-depth statistics provide insight into a prospect’s specific interests, the type of content they prefer to receive, and when an individual prospect has time in their day to consume marketing materials. DemandDrive is a lead generation firm using the Raven360 app. “Raven360 helps us understand which content delivers the best results for specific prospect profiles, and provides insight into the best times to contact those targets based on their content viewing patterns. It also helps our clients move leads through the funnel more quickly because we are able to report a greater level of detail on the prospect,” said Dan Paul, managing director at DemandDrive. More information about Raven360 – https://www.raven360.com/