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Raven360, a leading cloud-based file distribution toolkit that adds content control, security and deep analytics to files, today announced the addition of Dropbox™ to its growing list of storage and file sharing vendor integrations. As of today, both Dropbox and Dropbox for Business™ customers can address the innate security issues that come with sharing through the cloud-based storage platform by instantly and seamlessly adding protection, control and analytical tracking of all common file types, including images, videos and PDFs shared through the Dropbox platform.

The popularity and skyrocketing adoption of cloud-based file sharing and storage services such as Dropbox and Box have made it easy for consumers and businesses alike to collaborate and share content with multiple users. However, these services lack the security controls required to mandate and track with whom, how and when file and content are shared. Raven360 aims to solve the secure file sharing problem with a flexible, cloud-based security layer that provides content control, protection, tracking and analytics.

“Dropbox’s growing enterprise, midmarket and small business footprint makes it an ideal addition to our expanding list of integrations,” said Ronald Matros, CEO, Raven360. “It is increasingly clear that file sharing vendors need to figure out ways to monetize their growing user bases as storage becomes a commodity. Partnering with vendors such as Raven360, which offer complementary security services, means added value for the user and new revenue opportunities for file sharing vendors such as Dropbox and Box.”

A free trial of Raven360 is available to all users. To protect and track Dropbox files, users can sign up for Raven360 via its website and automatically integrate with their Dropbox folders. Dropbox users are able to add personal watermarking, limit how many times each person can view/print the document, restrict the kind of devices allowed to access the file, track the most engaging parts of a document, and more. Pricing information is available here: http://www.contentraven.com/pricing-options.

Dropbox integration is the most recent addition to Raven360’s growing list of cloud file sharing integrations, which already includes Box, announced on June 24. To see a video demo of the Dropbox integration, please visit: http://youtu.be/DAe6uQMCW6Y.