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Product Updates 10/20/15

Posted by Vasu Ram on October 20, 2015

In Product Updates

Thanks to your feedback, we have made some new improvements to the Raven360 platform. Salesforce users, don't forget that the Raven360 App is now available in the Salesforce App Marketplace. 

check iconMore Dynamic Watermarking Options

Our Dynamic Watermarking feature now works with files sent via email. Now, when you send sensitive documents via Raven360, like scripts, contracts, or budgets, each recipient's download will have their email address dynamically added. Good protection from those unintended forwards.


check iconGroups Are Now Adjustable

We've redesigned the way groups are handled so that you can better manage who is in each group, and which groups you maintain. You can now edit and delete existing groups in our new and improved UI.
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