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Product Updates 09/09/15

Posted by Vasu Ram on September 9, 2015

In Product Updates

Thanks to the great feedback we have received from customers, we are excited to share with you some of the recent changes we have made to Raven360. 

star iconContent Admin

We've launched a new user role on Raven360, called "Content Admin". This allows the owner, or Company Admin, to assign control of a specific folder to another person to manage. This allows the Company Admin to delegate a portion of the content the company has uploaded to the platform. This is great if you have teams or hierarchies that require specific content and management oversight, without having it managed by the primary account holder. View all of Raven360's user roles here.

check iconBetter Permission Notifications

We have made permission notifications better by changing who sees end user requests for a change in access. This should cut down on email notifications for those who are not responsible for changing permissions. 



check iconGlobal Permission Setting

No longer do you have to set permissions user by user. We have improved the permission setting to allow for resetting permission for new and existing users. If you have a change in delivery method, or need to restrict access across your entire user base, you can now do that at a global level, and it will apply to previous and future content. So if you decide to introduce mobile access, for example, you can set that for all users with a few clicks. 

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