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Product Updates 01/26/16

Posted by Vasu Ram on January 26, 2016

In Product Updates

The following are the most recent product updates from Raven360:
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Folder Access Management

Allow an individual user or group to access a specific folder in your organization's content catalog. Any changes made to a folder will automatically be updated for all users with access to that folder. You will no longer need to manually share new content with your contacts after adding new documents to a folder, so users will always have immediate access to the latest additions.
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Content Tags

Keep your content organized and find the files you need faster by adding tags that categorize your files. You can also now add a description to your files to explain exactly what each file holds.
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Edit & Refresh Content

Update documents and videos within Raven360 to eliminate the need to delete expired versions or manually sharing the latest version to your users. Simply upload the newest version in the Edit Content window and it will auto-update for the users who have access to the file.
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Improved Group Management

When adding contacts into groups, you can now add them directly into sub-groups. This makes adding and organizing contacts faster and simpler.
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