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Traditional Sales Training is Broken; How To Create a Sales Culture of Learning

As Frank Cespedes points out at Harvard Business Review, “U.S. companies spend over $70 billion annually on training, and an average of $1,459 per salesperson — almost 20 percent more than they spend on workers in all other functions.” But sales reps lose more than 80 percent of the information they were taught at traditional sales training within the first 90 days. Sales training, as we know it,  is broken.

Keep Functionality in Mind When Selecting Your Next CMS

Choosing a CMS platform has numerous considerations to keep in mind, along with its functionality. It is vital you take the time to sit down with all stakeholders to discuss your needs and requirements. During this process, you will want to make a list of features, functions, and capabilities of the CMS.

Insights on Intelligent Content Solutions [Infographic]

Organizations of all sizes have a wide array of content they use every day. As technologies continue to evolve and advance, companies must develop ways to deliver content that is effective and clear while filling the needs of the targeted audience.