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New Raven360 features for April!

Posted by Mike Peroni on Apr 29, 2014 1:56:33 PM

In content control, secure file sharing

We’ve rolled out a few new features for April geared at offering you more capabilities within the secure Raven360 viewer. Here’s a quick rundown on where to find them.

The Expand Button
 After logging in, select a file from within your inbox. The content will display within the secure viewer and you’ll notice that we’ve added an ‘Expand’ button in the main navigation bar at the top of the screen.


From within the expanded sidebar tool, you can select:

-the yellow sticky note icon to drop notes on specific sections within the document

-the highlighter to draw attention to certain areas

-underline to emphasize

-strikethrough to edit

Click ‘Save’ to keep changes for viewing the next time you view the file.


New Reports
Next up is reporting. From within your main inbox, select ‘My Personal Account’ which is listed under ‘Files’ in the sidebar navigation area. From there you’ll notice a new icon for ‘Reports’ located in the top navigation bar next to ‘Contacts’.


There are now four different reports you can generate:

- Content Access Report: This report provides details regarding accessed content, including who sent it, who accessed it, when it was accessed, and on what type of device the file was opened.

- Content Shared Report: This report provides details on what content was shared, by whom, when, how many devices were allowed, and on how many devices the receiver opened content.

- Page Access Report: This report gives details on what pages were viewed within a document, where it was accessed, by whom, and how long was spent on each page or video.

- User Access Report: This report indicates how active a user is, including their last login, total shares, and total views.

Reports are exported as an Excel file when you click ‘Generate Report’.

Share History
The last feature to call out for this month’s release is the updated Share History feature. From within ‘My Personal Account’ you can select a specific piece of content and click on the ‘Share History’ button in the top, grey navigation bar. This button sits between the ‘Download’ and ‘Go To Location’ buttons.


The ‘Status’ column now offers the option to see more detail into a specific piece of content and whether it’s been Sent or Activated, as well as whether or not it’s Bounced or Expired.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding these new features, please reach out to us at the Help Desk. Thanks!