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June 2019 New Updates Release Info

Posted by Joe Moriarty on July 4, 2019

In Product Updates

At Raven360 we know that the keys to driving continued content engagement are an appealing user interface and ease of locating content. We’re excited to share our most recent platform updates! Read on to learn about our latest product release, which includes a new Learner Activity Dashboard and a redesign to our content tiles.  The updates were released on June 27.

NEW Learner Activity Dashboard

Raven360 now allows organizations to direct users to an activity dashboard upon login. The Learner Activity Dashboard provides users with an organized snapshot of their in-progress and overdue activities as well as a history of their completed work and achievements.

Admin View

If enabled for your Organization, Admins can configure a package to land the user in the activity dashboard upon login.


End User Experience

On the end user side, the Learner Dashboard will serve up the user’s assigned activities in easy-to-navigate categories and statuses. The “My Activity” category displays to-do, past due, and continue viewing assignment statuses, helping users stay on track, catch-up on overdue work or resume an assignment. The “My History” category will keep a record of completed activities as well as earned badges and certifications.

Clicking through a status in My Activity organizes the assignments by type, providing a tabbed view where users can specifically choose to work on their assigned Learning Paths, Assessments or Quizzes.

See how users navigate their Activity Dashboard (no audio)


We’ve also given our content tiles a fresh look! You’ll find much of the same detail on the face of the tile - including Title, Views, and Ratings - just in a different position. One major change is the introduction of the ellipsis (3 stacked dots), which is where you’ll find options for more information and to favorite the content. 


For more information on these updates, please contact our Customer Success team at customersuccess@contentraven.com.  We’ll be happy to answer any questions and provide you with a detailed walkthrough. v

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