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Intelligent Content Solutions Gets Your Remote & Global Workforce on the Same Page

Posted by Joe Moriarty on October 9, 2017

In Training Management Software, Interactive Training Software

Today’s businesses operate much differently than they did a ten or twenty years ago. There have been significant changes to peoples’ work environments during this time as well. No longer are they bound to reporting to an office and working a set schedule from 9 to 5. Rather, they have the flexibility to work in a variety of environments, including:

  • Remotely from Home
  • Shared Offices
  • Shared Desks
  • While Traveling Abroad
  • Satellite Offices in Different Countries

Keeping your entire workforce on the same page presents more challenges today than in the past. You need to make sure everyone, no matter where they work or what time zone they live in, has the latest interactive training software, sales and marketing information, product information, and more.

Training Management Software

In these types of work environments, technology is your friend. You rely upon it to communicate with employees, attend meetings, send emails, monitor employee training, and provide support. In some cases, your employees could be essentially on their own, so providing the right technologies and solutions is even more important.

You must also show responsiveness when there are concerns and issues that need your attention. Granted, you or your employees might have to get up a little earlier or work a little later occasionally in order to meet certain deadlines. However, the right solutions can ensure everyone’s contributions are acknowledged and vital aspects never get overlooked.

One method businesses are turning to is called Intelligent Content Solutions. This type of solution can be customized and adapted to fit the needs of organizations with employees scattered around the country or around the globe. One of the key benefits of this type of solution is it can build on top of existing LMS (Learning Management Software) and other such related systems you are already using.

Instead of having to worry about adapting existing content for a new platform, an intelligent solution does this for you using current content. It makes it easy to repurpose and reuse the content and tailor it to the needs of specific employees, as well as vendors, business partners, and your customers.

Additionally, the interface features “Netflix-like” functionality to deliver the content “on-demand” in the desired format both online and offline. Intelligent solutions are able to support text-based documents, PDF files, slideshow presentations, picture and image file formats, music and WAV files, and video formats.

Interactive Training Software

Employers have complete control over what content is delivered to each employee. They can tailor each employee’s access as they see fit. For instance, a sales rep in the United Kingdom may want access to specific sales and marketing training. On the other hand, an account executive in China might need access to product support data and other training materials for contracted manufacturers.

This type of solution could also be used to share important communications quicker and easier than using other methods. The best thing about intelligent solutions is there are endless ways in which you can use your content.

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