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How Does Raven360 Differ from a Learning Management System(LMS)?

Posted by Joe Moriarty on October 4, 2017

In Training Management Software

Raven360’s intelligent content solutions differ greatly from your everyday learning management system (LMS). Before jumping into our range of solutions, let’s first begin by examining exactly what an LMS is and its limits.

An LMS is a platform used for training purposes by a business. It can be used to deliver learning materials to employees, partners, vendors, and others in a secure online environment. Some systems will track the progress of employees, their completed courses, and other such data.


This type of solution is beneficial for human resources, managers, and supervisors that need to know which employees have completed what courses and those that still need to complete training. In addition, it allows employees to complete training at times that best fit into their work schedules, from just about anywhere with an internet connection and access to the LMS platform.

However, the primary drawback to an LMS, compared to Raven360’s intelligent content services, is it is limited to only deliver learning materials. An LMS has a very narrow scope of usage within organizations and is not easily adapted for other purposes or needs of other departments beyond employee training and development.

With one of our intelligent platform solutions, Raven360 offers more than just your everyday LMS. Our solution is designed to securely deliver, distribute, measure, and manage learning content on any device and in any location around the world, even offline.

Yet, this is just the “tip of the iceberg,” so to speak. Our platform delivers much more flexibility to be adapted for use for other needs and purposes within your organization, including:

  • Sales Enablement
  • Marketing
  • Field Service
  • Technical Support
  • Customer Support
  • Customer Education, and More!

Raven360’s solutions are not just instructor-led training/classroom sessions. Our solutions are designed to bridge the gaps left by traditional LMS in various areas like user interface, security, and mobile applications. You can even layer our solutions on top of an existing LMS!


What Exactly Is “Intelligent” Content?

Intelligent content is essentially any type of content an organization wants to better organize, manage, and deliver to employees, customers, vendors, business partners, and so on. It could include marketing materials, custom support documents, product data, technical data, and just about anything you want to make easily accessible to various departments and people.

Furthermore, an intelligent platform enables management and delivery of content on any type of device, in any type of location, in different languages, and for different people, groups, and audiences. Essentially, our intelligent solutions enable businesses to:

  • Improve quality and consistency.
  • Adapt content to numerous delivery channels.
  • Reduce maintenance costs.
  • Reduce development costs.
  • Reduce content redundancies.
  • Make it easier to deliver content in a timely manner to the proper people/channels in the correct formats.

Additionally, Raven360’s platforms benefit businesses that are looking for an efficient way to manage, analyze, deliver, search, and centralize their content intelligently in a secure environment.

Raven360 has helped huge organizations, including General Electric (GE), Amazon, and Netflix, to name a few, develop effective and efficient intelligent content platforms and solutions. To learn more about how we can help your business, please feel free to contact us at at Sales@raven360.com and request a free demo today!

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