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Drinking Our Own Champagne

Posted by Joe Moriarty on June 26, 2018

In Learning Paths

Sales Rep

Sales Enablement is new and old at the same time. It is something that has always been part of the tool belt of the sales person but those tools are evolving. The Sales Enablement Society recently released their official definition of what sales enablement means to professionals who grapple with this everyday.

“Sales Enablement ensures buyers are engaged at the right time and place by client facing professionals who have the optimal competencies, together with the appropriate insights, messages, content and assets, to provide value and velocity throughout the buying journey.”

At Raven360, our focus is on enabling sales leaders to engage clients and reach their potential. Sales enablement is vital for us to do our jobs. I am a sales development representative; I prospect potential clients; and I call them with a value proposition. Every day that I speak with potential clients I have about a minute to briefly explain to them why it would be valuable for them to learn more about how Content Raven can help.

I write emails and make phone calls to sales enablement leaders. Every time I write the word enablement it is marked as incorrectly spelt.  It’s constantly nerve-wracking because the last thing I want to do is send an email with a typo. That is a nightmare! But it is surprising that this word that is so essential to my everyday life is not part of the dictionary. We are in new territory, a new space for advancement. Content Raven is a robust and innovative platform, and the first of its kind.  I try to do it justice each day.Sales enablement

To truly enable your team you need to:.

  • Provide Coaching - sales leaders need to be offering their wisdom to their peers who desire to grow. Communication is elemental to sales.  
  • Encourage Continued Education -  if we do not apply what we have learned it will leave us. Coaches and mentors must constantly be challenging the minds of their sales leaders.
  • Provide Easy Access to Information - this sounds so simple but it can make all of the difference. Reps need access to information in this age where we are moving so quickly.

Digital transformation has come for sales enablement and it is revolutionizing our expectations of sales leaders. Shape the way your reps learn to make them educated, productive, and expedient. Contact Content Raven today!


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