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Raven360's New Look and Feature Enhancements

Posted by Joe Moriarty on October 14, 2013

In Content Control Solution

Sharing your content securely should be as easy as sending an email- which is exactly what we thought when designing our new user interface. At Raven360, we believe that content security doesn’t need to be complicated. If we could easily secure and track each file we send, why wouldn’t we? 

There are some great features to look forward to with the new interface:

  1. DesignSet up much like your email account, Raven360 is going to be easier than ever to navigate. A simple layout means less time wasted trying to figure out how to send a piece of content so that you can secure more files.
  2. FoldersKeeping yourself organized is going to be a cinch. You can create folders for each week’s agenda items, files for different clients, or just to keep your personal files separated from your business ones. Folders also make it easy to send multiple pieces of content at once.
  3. File SharingWhen you have 40 documents to send to your board or 20 videos to share with the students in your class, you’ll be able to send them all at once with your security permissions. 
  4. SpeedPages and content load faster with the new interface saving you even more time.
  5. ViewingSimply put, content looks better. When you send a file, the recipient will be able to view it seamlessly.

Check out the video to see a preview of Raven360’s new look and let us know what you think! Then, come back on November 11th to test out the new interface and features. 



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