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Advantages of cloud-based intelligent content solutions for businesses

Posted by Joe Moriarty on August 21, 2017

In Content Control Solutions

Over the past decade, businesses have started to shift their focus and how they develop effective enterprise intelligent content solutions. In the past, a company would design the solution in-house and run it internally from networked servers. This required a lot of development time, not to mention the costs associated with hardware, software licensing, deployment, and training.


Today, with cloud-based storage and web-based applications, these two technologies open up new opportunities with several different advantages over legacy and traditional content management solutions.

  1. Easier to deploy. Instead of having to touch each employee’s computer, you simply provide them with the link and their login credentials required to access the solution through the internet in the cloud.
  2. Easier to control access to data and documents. You have better control over what content, documents, and data users are able to access.
  3. Greater security when delivering content to contract employees, vendors, and business partners. A risk with traditional content management solutions has been being able to provide access to external sources while keeping content secure and safe, which is not an issue with cloud-based solutions.
  4. Faster deployment of new content. Since content only has to be uploaded to one location, you can deploy new materials to numerous users simultaneously, reducing the costs of new rollouts.
  5. Reduces time needed to train employees and others. You can even develop and distribute training materials through your cloud-based solution, eliminating the need for group training sessions, and tailor materials and training to reflect the needs of individuals.
  6. Saves money. Cloud-based content management has lower costs in numerous areas, from deployment to licensing, and more, which helps make this type of solution very appealing, especially for businesses with tight IT budgets.
  7. Helps reduce complex technical aspects of content management solutions. In-house solutions can become rather complex and technical to incorporate and configure various software apps, computer code, and fine-tune the system to each user’s specifications or needs. With cloud-based solutions, these issues are drastically reduced.
  8. Easier for people to consume content. Your employees, contract workers, vendors, and business partners will find it is easier for them to consume the exact content they require at times it best fits into their schedules.
  9. Flexibility to adapt and make changes to the system. Content management web-based solutions are fully scalable and adaptable to fit your business objective and goals and are easy to update whenever these changes occur.
  10. Well-suited to numerous departments and applications within your business. From human resources to sales and marketing, developing effective content management delivery models using cloud-based technologies opens up endless possibilities for your entire business.


In addition, intelligent content solutions can be created to allow for downloadable and offline access, so users can still consume content when they are offline. To learn more about our cloud-based content delivery solutions for your business, please feel free to contact Raven360 at 1-508-786-0500 to schedule a free demo today!



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