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High-Tech Companies Use Raven360


Is Your Training Platform Ready to Handle Your Scale?

Raven360 is an enterprise-grade, scalable platform that helps fast-growing companies painlessly train customers, partners and employees.


Top challenges Raven360 helps you solve

  1. Creating unique learning paths for customers, partners and employees is impossible with your current platform.
  2. Selling high-tech products means your salespeople, users, and partners need constant, updated training.
  3. Your content is all over the place in local drives, clunky spreadsheets, and online storage.
  4. Scaling is tough when you have to train a growing user base distributed across the world.


With Raven360

Training Drives Growth and Retention


Customer Training

Show customers how to achieve their goals with your product — ideal for high-tech.


Partner Training

Train and certify partners at their own pace. Build a successful partner program.


Sales Training & Enablement

Develop top sales performers with the right onboarding, training and coaching.


Employee Training

Keep your staff coming back for more learning. Make them stay with you for the long-term.

Why Customers Love Us

"Our projected numbers from last year to this year were 3x. And I knew that manual labor was not going to scale 3x without having 4x the team size. And that was just going to absolutely erode my margins. Raven360 has taken a lot of the manual labor out of what I had to do before. They've taken a lot of that off our plate and they're helping us with automation in a lot of ways. And because we can automate, we can scale much bigger."
Chris Skinner - Senior Director, Global Training & Certification at Confluent

One-Platform. Multiple Training Experiences.

Raven360 houses all your training content and makes it accessible to customers, partners and employees. You decide who gets to see what, using Instructor-Led training, Virtual Instructor-led training, Hands-on Labs, and On-demand training modules. Keep your content free or monetize it. Your choice. All from one single place.


Why Choose Raven360?

Flexible Training

Raven360 supports Instructor-Led training, Virtual Instructor-led training, and On-demand learning.

Training Revenue

Easily set up an e-commerce platform. Charge for access to your best content and create subscription-based training.


One platform for sales content, training and coaching. From onboarding to assessment and learning analytics.

Active Coaching

Enable leadership to embrace constant learning with gamification and video tools that make coaching fun and easy.

Enterprise-level Security

Prevent confidential information from leaving the platform with individual and group level permissions.

Hands-on Labs

Allow customers and partners to learn by doing, using a virtual machine instance of your software. Perfect for high-tech.

Deduplicate Content

Upload content once and deploy it everywhere. Repurpose your content at any time —it always stays up to date.

Global Distribution

The platform is fully localized but available in China for admins and end users.

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Pay only for active users and maximize your ROI

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Trusted by Organizations that Grow with Training

Motivate and engage our sales people

"Raven360 Awards feature will help us motivate and engage our sales people and recognize them for their accomplishments, including learning new products, meeting specific goals, and understanding and using our sales content.”

Nancy Forsyth
VP Sales Training and Development, Pearson North America

More powerful than we thought we needed

“With Raven360 we found an e-learning content marketplace that was more powerful than we thought we needed. We also found a great partnership. Raven360 makes a whole team available to us.”

Adam Rabidoux
Manager of Juniper Networks Certification Program

Retain Customers - Educate Partners - Enable Employees

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